I have moved on!!

Is closure so important?

Is it?


Running and calling out the person to answer all my questions. “what went wrong? Whose mistake it was? Why did you stopped talking? What’s it all about?”.

I heard people bitching about us. I heard people giving me reasons rather than you. I heard all the answers but not from you, from people who weren’t there at 2 am on the call, who weren’t there when we shared our everyday lives, who weren’t there when we were vulnerably honest. None of them were there but still you gave them the right to speak about us. You told them every piece of me, you tore my soul apart in front of them. It was only for you to know no one else. You didn’t even care for a moment about me by revealing them everything about my personal life.

I got a mini heart attack whenever anyone would utter things about us without knowing what we shared. Every time it took courage to smile with tornadoes fluttering inside me. I was no more than a dead body roaming around completely numb and unaware about my surroundings. All i wanted was my answers.

And now i don’t think I will ever get them. Cause i am no more what i used to be. Now you or your shadow can’t stop me from becoming who i am now. I am happy, fierce, beautiful, positive, and everything but not what you defined me long ago. I have moved on.

World as we see….

Cause when your eyes close, the whole world waits for you to wake up and find yourself. Get up, go, move. Go where there are no broken promises .Go where your mind feels blessed. You feel blessed. Go where there are no double standards and diplomacy. Where no judgments effect you. Where you don’t have to be a smiling face but a happy one. Go where your heart knows how to say goodbyes, not only your hand. Where you find gratitude and love which is more valuable than fakeness of trying to be cool. And this my child is a dream. You should not wake up.

Forgivingg… Really?

Is forgiving people easy?

I don’t know that clearly, but yes it depends upon what bruise they gave you. It may be just a petty thing they said you, or insulted, or hit you. It can be anything but forgetting the past everytime is where the question lie.

It is easy to apologize for all wrong you have done. Difficulty is in forgiveness.

A human brain functions to take revenge. Some do take it. Some just leave it to karma. But some actually forgive. I belonged to these type. I used to forgive.

But then adulthood hit. It showed me that you can’t forgive everyone everytime. But you can at least show them that you have forgiven them. That is diplomacy. True, it is. But that’s what the world demands. Honestly it hurts, but it doesn’t destroy me like it used to.I used to go on crying for hours. But now no more. I am the person responsible for my own happiness. I took my life in my command again. Not giving the remote to anyone else.

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy to be normal. I started being happy for my own sake. Tried to forgive them, but everytime all hurt came back, whenever I talked to them.

I am happy that I have learnt a lot from those 6 months. And in the end that’s what matters.

A mind gets rotten by all past garbage, you need to get out of it. Just learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t let it trouble your inner peace anymore. There is no way a memory can destroy you fully. At least not till you are in command of your peace.

Just remember one thing you can’t change anyone but yourself. So, just let go the things that make you sad.

Be happy for getting a life to live to its fullest and that you should.

Stay blessed.

Be happy. Be loved.

Social +Interactions😅

Face to face conversation beats any other type of communication as the message is better conveyed and understood. Spoken words cannot be unsaid and in face to face situations, the parties involved are better able to infer meaning from the tone of the speaker. The tone in which message is said affects its meaning and help decipher it.

Disclaimer :whatever is written above is a work of imagination. They have no connectivity to real life.

Hey guys!!! This is what is reality. We are proud members of internet family. For us the only way to communicate is through internet. Yup, that means meeting the person via texting not in person(this is the truth can’t help).

Texting is surely the best way for interacting with family, friends and strangers. Yup strangers. The people you don’t even know but text them without any reason. Talking of cyber bullying or stalking or whatever you say. It is a large and heavy topic to put my opinion on. Many things have been said and unsaid.

I can only talk of what a victim goes through when obscene messages appear on screen. Women undergoes this stuff at least once in their life. With people appealing for sexting, sending nudes, flirting and talking shit. This just goes and goes on. I was petrified at first, didn’t know what to do. And then as usual blocked him. That’s what everyone out there does. When this was repeated, i became habitual.

Different accounts, different people text you, not realizing what goes through the other person’s mind.People it does matter what you speak and how you treat us. We may or may not speak up but these things make us depressed and definitely sad.

Feels like this is the world, this is the truth of internet, this is it’s power and weakness. And however so many opinions people give, this remains and would still live.
There is one more thing about the internet conversations,’the emojis’.
They give you an insight about tone of the person writing(DO THEY?). I don’t know, I just don’t understand this. For once I did not put the laughing emojis out there and they considered me to be rude to them. If you know me in person you certainly know when am I serious and when not. And this is what is lacking in everyone. A single text means so much to a person that they can hold grudges for them that too for lifelong. People judge so quickly when they read your texts. They don’t give you a chance to explain.

Another thing, I have realised is that friendship which we make through whatsapp groups and facebook tags is next to unbreakable(hahah! Not joking.. This has actually happened to me). They are the only real friendships we get in our lives. We can make best friends forever just by interacting on whatsapp groups and fb tags. Before this I thought talking to person via calls or messages was enough to form a link but true picture is till the time you don’t tag that person on fb or insta,you are not considered FRIENDS(welcome to the social media world). Real life interaction only matters when you have done all the ‘bakchodi’ on social media. Groups formed on social media comprise of the people CLOSE to each other. And if any other person tries to form a bond, they are either trolled or considered outsider always.

This is truth guys, not joking. Only speaking out of experience.

The point here lies we are becoming slaves of the virtual world.

Come back people, come back. It is where you belong. it is where you will form bonds and relations. It is where you will be loved and will get to love people. It is where your emotions live with every laugh you take not in the screens.

Be happy. Be loved.

Loving yourself ❤️

Feeling lost may be due to many reasons. You are lonely, stressed, fed up with people, unhappy, or whatsoever.

The more important thing is to stop overthinking at that very moment. When you stop overthinking forcibly, you open gates to self analysis and introspection. You start getting involved in the state of mind you are.

Once you start focusing on your mind, your body, your thoughts,you can’t be more happy. In this world, we sometimes forget that we love ourselves the most.. And if we start focusing on that, we need nothing more to focus and waste our time on.

Spending more time on self care and analysis, enjoying your own company, keeping yourself busy, getting to know things around you with the curiosity of a child, etc. It takes just this much to keep yourselves away from unhappiness and toxic people.

Some or the other day you have to face the bad phase. Don’t run away from it. Accept it. Learn from it. It is training you for the future. Training for all bad phases to come. Show the almighty you are strong enough to deal with it. He is preparing you for life, to survive in this world.

Be happy. Be loved.

Lost friend

The most awkward and frustrating feeling in the world is not talking to the person with whom you used to talk everyday.

Sitting late at nights, telling each other about ourselves, getting to know each other’s routines and family and then one day all this stops for once and for all.

With time, priorties do change I realised, but later. The person whose notification used to bring butterflies in my stomach has changed. Somedays I used to go through the old chats only to satisfy myself that this is just a phase and one day we’ll be back to what we used to be.

I don’t understand human psychology. How can a person just forget the time spent with someone. It appeared as if only I considered this as a” best friend forever” relationship.

I don’t have all the answers on why people grow apart. But I do know that people change.
When you consider someone as a friend, you are comfortable to share each and everything with him/her about you and your life. You ask for opinions, give advices, totally trust them. And when they leave you lose all this. The point is they too lose YOU.

Just live upto the fact it was their problem not yours. The important thing is you tried. Don’t curse yourself everyday. Just be happy and let it go.